Theresa Wyne is here,

in Seattle Washington.


The Invisible Truth

New interests: Selling Bemers!

We all deserve to live in happy bodies!
Selling the spiritual book The Invisible Truth!

Ask yourself...are you happy?
Are there things from your childhood that get "triggered" that you would prefer to have under your control?  
Do you believe that it is possible to pick a new neurological pathway by which you can think, act and succeed?  
What if you looked at the old neurological pathway, say from your street to your front door, the one that is wearing a trodden line across your lawn,
and choose to not walk on it ever again?
Let's test this out!
That thing we always do; you know the one. Make a sassy face each time your "favorite" relative is mentioned?
Make snide comment with a sneer or a jeer? Repeat a dreadful tale about that person?
Let's confront that action which is an automatic reaction to hearing that person's name.  
It's actually a pathway across your front lawn that is on autopilot.  
Let's choose to walk around instead. Walk a mere five more feet and stroll up the driveway to climb the front stairs and stand on the porch.  
Let the path across the lawn heal.  
The next time that favorite relative's name is mentioned, we are going to pause (take it off autopilot),
smile (Do the old fashioned "count to 10!") and make a polite statement instead.
A new neurological pathway.  
"Practice makes perfect."  
Sure, we may fail in some of our first dozen attempts. But, we are getting better at returning to the driveway
and climbing the stairs each time we have forgotten (been on autopilot).
Our new autopilot is a smile (while we collect ourselves) followed by a friendly, positive and optimistic comment.  
"I hear you. You're right about her. So, how 'bout 'dem Mariners?" That's my go-to phrase. I acknowledged that they spoke.
(They'll keep talking about that fave person if I don't acknowledge that they spoke by saying I heard their words.)
And then I changed the subject. Namaste.
Satisfied? That helped? Go to Exercise #2.