Theresa's Newest Store Is The Bemer Store! The Bemer Store Is Open!
Boots! The Firefighter, Work, Safety Boots Store is Open to the Public!
We have the first two huge boxes...the first of 25 deliveries!
Christmas presents time! Price is now $100 each.
The Boots Store Is Open!
Gloves! New Workmen, electrician, leather, ski and one ladies' pair of gloves!
Even more gloves will arrive! Price is now $10 each!
The Gloves Store Is Open!
Everything! The Variety Store: Here are the Craigslist links!
The Craigslist List!
New Items:
Variety of New Items!
Newest items!
NEW! Overall view of everything for sale. In price order! (Finally!)
Even more items will be added weekly!
The Variety Store Is Open!
Shoes! The Tiny, Display, Single Shoe Store list is available on eBay here:
The $5 each price is here, not on eBay. View them there & buy them here!
The Tiny Shoe Store Is Open!
Disney! Disney Collectibles NEW Photos
Now separated by prices!
December Newest Photos!
Prices are 25 cents & $1 at Theresa's Weekend Half-Price Sales.

The Disney Store Is Open!
More photos will be added next week!
Disney Collectibles For Sale at Rock Bottom Prices Here Page!
Here are some more of them!
Here are a few pages of photos!  
Christmas presents & the after Christmas exchanging of presents in January 2017, I'm focusing on Disney! I have 14 huge, gigantor boxes of Disney collectibles that I'm selling for low "Make them go away prices!" Lots of Mickey Mouse! Cute M&Ms, Snoopy, etc! Some ceramic, plastic, statues, dishes, colorful, black & white, lunch boxes, some of everything! These came from a collector who just purchased whatever made her smile. I have already sold off the 25 cent, tiny items & stuffed animals. The average price range will be $5 to $25 each. Mostly $5, unless it's plastic, then it's $1.  
Random Mickey Mouse items...I do not have photos of any of the breakables, the valuable, the classic, the ancient, the black & white, or the best of the best yet.  
And more Disney, including Snoopy & Donald Duck!  
M&M items  
More M&M items!   
And more M&Ms!